Congratulations on your decision to join the team and change your life forever. This page is not on the regular menu, so please don’t share it.

Bookmark this page for reference because this is where you’ll be coming back to to get plugged in and contracted.

You’re going to go through a very simple process:

ProcessHow?Check Yes or No
Test ScheduledPSI Link
Test Material VoucherXCEL – Ask your upline
Schedule FingerprintsSC DOI
Pass the testCelebrate
SC LicensingNIPR
FFL Contract, E&O, AML, SuranceBay FFL America
Health Insurance ContractAsk your upline
Bootcamp TrainingAsk your upline
Get Appointed LifeSuranceBay
Get Appointed HealthAsk your upline
Buy Leads
Get rich and help peopleYourself